Brazil - Mineiro Relegation Group
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group Post. 22:00 04/08/2023 22:00 GMT Democrata SL 0 p - p CA Patrocinense 0
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group FT 19:00 04/02/2023 19:00 GMT Caldense MG 0 2 - 0
Democrata SL 1
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group FT 13:00 03/26/2023 13:00 GMT CA Patrocinense 0 1 - 0
Caldense MG 1
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group FT 22:00 03/22/2023 22:00 GMT Caldense MG 1 1 - 1
CA Patrocinense 1
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group FT 20:00 03/18/2023 20:00 GMT Democrata SL 1 1 - 0
Caldense MG 0
x BRA MRG Mineiro Relegation Group FT 12:00 03/12/2023 12:00 GMT CA Patrocinense 0 2 - 0
Democrata SL 0

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